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The Funnest Thing to Do

On my morning drive to work today I passed an ad on one of the CTA bus stops that, much like the Stouffers ad, left me a little perplexed. I can’t, for the life of me, find an image of this advertisement, but it was, basically, a large poster with a blue background and yellow text that read, “The Most Fun You Can Have With the Stove On.” In a corner was a bright yellow, plastic looking macaroni noodle.

There are countless things wrong with this ad, from a marketing standpoint, but let’s focus on the food part of it. Does the Kraft corporation seriously still believe that we are living in a time where this kind of ad works? Or do they know that there are many people who will see this ad and either forget about it or, like me, go on a rant about how presumptuous it is?

Yes, if it were real cheese…

Don’t get me wrong, Kraft macaroni and cheese was a staple of almost every American kid’s diet growing up, and I have some fond memories attached to it, especially of the Spider-Man shaped macaroni (come on, all that fake cheese trapped in all of those nooks). However, this type of marketing perpetuates the idea that one can’t function in the kitchen without the aid of a large corporation. I think anyone, who would actually give it a little thought, could think of plenty of ways to have more fun in the kitchen. Here’s an idea, maybe make your own macaroni and cheese, from scratch. It would take 10 extra minutes, be more fun, more interesting and it would teach your kids about cooking.

Or, perhaps, Kraft meant the ad to be sarcastic, in which case, I completely agree.

*With the World Cup going on I will be MIA for the next couple of weeks…


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