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Roast Chicken

This has to be the easiest, most efficient, most appetizing, yet overlooked meal on the planet. Whole chickens for roasting are available at any grocery store. Don’t know how to tie it properly? Do what I do when I’m out of twine, simply cut some slits in the skin on the rear of the chicken on either side and, gently, force the legs through on the opposites sides to form a criss-cross to hold the bird together. Do this after cleaning the bird, of course.

Preheat the oven to 425. I drizzle a little olive oil and lemon juice on the skin, then add salt and pepper. I take the leftover lemon halves and put them in the cavity, with more salt and pepper. When the oven is ready, put your bird on something, preferably cast iron and preferably raised (but even a cast iron skillet will do) , or in a pot, uncovered, and let it go for an hour. After an hour use a probe thermometer to check its internal temperature, I go for the breast meat. If its below 160, its not done yet. Let it go for another 10-15 minutes if it isn’t and check again, etc. until the internal temp is at 160, then take it out, let it rest for a minute and carve.


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