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I recently took a trip to Texas (Houston, Austin and San Antonio) to visit the girlfriend’s family and to see what Texas had to offer. Being from the midwest, I’ve always had the same view of Texas that most other people have. Meaning its a giant state that could be its own country, both politically and geographically, everyone drives a truck and, my biggest fear, drinks shitty beer.

I would say, that like any other place on this planet, that there is truth in any of those stereotypes, but they are, in the end, just stereotypes. Just like where I’m from isn’t a giant corn field (its a city, for christ’s sake) and everyone in Italy doesn’t own a vespa, Texas is a big place with a lot of different, sometimes great, sometimes backwards, sometimes forwards and sometimes exciting cultural aspects going on.

Also, the jerky I had all over Texas is the greatest in the world, bar none. Even stuff from “gas stations” Seriously, I’ve just now run out… and I’m sad.


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